Jul 2, 2010


I finally feel comfortable here. I think it is a good thing, but I suppose could also be bad if I feel too comfortable.

For the last month, I have felt like a tourist. Always lost, always being stared at, always having difficulties truly communicating beyond "hello" and "how are you?" with Ugandans.

But I think I get it. I now know how to make Ugandans laugh. They understand my now slower English. I can barter with the rest of them. I traveled alone to three meetings today. And I am having a dress handmade! It is an amazing feeling.


  1. I keep telling myself that with routine comes familiarity, with familiarity comes comfort, and then I guess pleasure or peace comes after that. Congratulations you've almost conquered your IPSP!!!

  2. I heckled a cab driver in PC. Having to get Camille around by myself made me feel like I got the language. Then, getting back to Chitre made me feel like I was home. Took long enough, though.