Jul 14, 2010

So I left Uganda.

It was so surreal to be driving away from Kampala towards the airport. I hope I appreciated it enough. And saw enough. And experienced enough.

I went to bed last night doubting if I should stay or go. I felt safe in the house where I was staying, but felt weary about venturing in to the city and up country, which is problematic when the prisons I needed to visit are in up country.

I would have stayed if the people that are most important to me would not have wanted me to leave, but it is impossible to stay in a far away country who just experienced terrorist attacks with no internet and limited phone connectivity when your mom and dad are freaking out at home. And it was not just the attacks, many rumors were flying around about other bombs being found before they had exploded. Suspects were arrested, but it still felt unsafe.
I was scared, so I left.

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