Jul 13, 2010


In the name of positiveness, I have decided to post double today and to write about a few non-bomb related things that have happened recently.

First and most importantly, dresses. Handmade dresses. Thats right. Plural. I will soon be the owner of three handmade dresses made from beautiful African fabric. I already have two in my possession and am just waiting for the third which will be ready on Monday! Last week, I ventured in to a market and found a small dress shop with a wonderful and kind woman who tailors dresses. So in true 'Merican style, I bought three.

Secondly and not so positively, Charles is lost. We cannot find him. He is supposedly at Luzira Upper Prison, but they tell us that he isn't there. We have no clue. I understand how they lose inmates here, but I do not understand how they allow a system where inmates are lost to continue.  Let me take this opportunity to explain to you and even demonstrate to you how I understand the admission and records process of Ugandan Prisons.

Paper. Pencil. Chalkboard. Chalk. That is all you need. When there is a new inmate, you write his name, offense and sentence on a new piece of paper and you put it somewhere. Every day the inmates are counted and the numbers are written on the chalkboard. Simple. So how do you find out where a inmate is? Or if he has been relocated? You go to the prison and ask. Don't bother looking online or calling. You'll need to visit the prison yourself and ask them to either go through the pile of papers or to go around to the wards and yell the inmate's name. Practical.

Third, during dinner the electricity came back on! I admit it, I am dependent. I have not suffered from blackberry withdrawal, I can deal without constant internet access, but a whole weekend is too long. I was starting to suffer from anxiety. It is one thing if I could just easily and afford-ably call the important people in my life, but I can't. I am in AFRICA! Also, I know I said I wasn't posting about the attacks, but venturing in to the city to find an internet cafe is not the best idea. But guess what? Now I can boil water quickly. I can see while I am using the toilet. And I can update my blog! From home in my pajamas! It is a beautiful thing. Oh electricity please please continue to provide me with overhead lighting, hot water, and, most importantly, the internet.


  1. I am sure that your handmade dresses will be better than whatever stupid Rebecca gets from Target. I can't believe she has a Target...

    Good luck wrapping things up!

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  3. Rebecca has a Target?! There is legitimately ONE store here worth going into here.

    Yay for homemade dresses! I can't wait to see them! post pics!

    Also, losing a prisoner is beyond me. I'm not wrapping my head around it. Where could he have gone?

  4. Wait wait- chosing a location does not make Rebecca stupid. it makes her brilliant! My "to do" list when I get home consists of: Sleep, Eat, eyebrow wax, target. In that order.

    Oh yeah Julie- very glad you have electricity and yay for homemade dresses and I'm really sorry about Charles. Target just distracted me for a second.